Valentine's Day - Is love meant only for couples?

As soon as the Valentine’s Day approaches, the couples who are in love start preparations to make this day extra special and memorable for them. Moreover, it is a great commercial situation as the markets are replete with a great range of Valentine’s Day gifts that are perfect to be picked up for the loved ones. Amidst this entire hullabaloo about this day, one question that arises is that should Valentine’s Day must be celebrated only by couples. It seems that lovers alone seem to enjoy this day and celebrate it in style. At the same time, it is interesting to note that the feeling of love is shared not only by married or unmarried couples, but also by a father and a daughter, mother and son and vice versa, brother and sister, friends and several unusual relationships.

Love is a sentiment that needs to be celebrated and it is not necessary that this day is celebrated only by married or unmarried couples. Even if a person has just committed to a lifelong relationship, this day should be celebrated as this is the perfect way to get mushy and senti with each other and take a vow to stay together forever. Moreover, Valentine’s Day must be celebrated by everyone who is in love, irrespective of the nature of the bond shared between them. Also, besides building and nurturing romantic relationships, hopeful romantic relationships can also be strengthened on this day. This way, the day would be celebrated by all and make it truly special.

Valentine’s Day is a very special day for many people who look forward to enjoy it with great excitement and enthusiasm. Markets and malls are decorated with love theme and the shops are full of Valentine’s Day gifts. Everywhere, love can be found in the air. Restaurants and hotels organize special events to make this day extra special. The couple is in a frenzy to look for something special for their loved ones so that this day stays in their memories forever. They strive hard to capture the very essence of this day. In order to do something special and capture the essence of this day is by planning this day just for the two of you. Do something unique that you do not do normally, but means a world to both of you, like preparing a special dessert, enjoying a candlelight dinner, getting your photo picture framed along with your beloved, writing a few special lines for each other and a lot more. All these things are meant to focus on the relationship per se rather than just swaying away with the hype created for this day.

Every relationship needs a lot of investment and this investment needs to be in terms of time spent with each other, taking care of each others’ feelings and sentiments, and nurturing this bond to become extra special and is able to stand the test of time. This way, the couples would be able to make the most of this day and make it memorable for the times to come.

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