Top 10 Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Him and Her

So, every year as February approaches you start putting up your thinking cap to come up with a unique idea to totally impress your valentine?

And, yet you remain utterly confused as for what to choose for gifting followed by doubts if she will be pleased or disappointed.

This cant go on forever, can it?


Hence, in this article we have made a survey among various men and women, teenagers, boys and girls and some elderly people and shortlisted top 10 gift ideas for both him and her.

Valentines Day Gift to India-
For Her -

10. Perfume - This would help her always evoking a different mood, every time she wears it.
9. Jewelry - Girls love jewelry. Did I just say girls? Right from girls to aged women, they all love jewelry, in any form. So, why not give her a nice bracelet or a chandelier earring or a gorgeous set of jewelry? It would make her happy anytime.
8. A Book - This could be the best for that valentine who loves to indulge in effective study.
7. A Photo Frame - How about making a collage of all your memorable events in the life and framing them?
6. A surprise spa therapy booking.
5. A ring.
4. A dress, a bag, a pair of shoes.
3. Lingerie.
2. Box Full of Chocolates.
1. A Day Out.

Valentines Day Gift to India

For Him -

10. Books
9. A Classy Watch
8. A Camera or any other Gadgets
7. Cologne
6. Cuff links
5. A short trip, a road trip or a vacation somewhere he longed to be or planned to visit.
4. Custom Shirts or Tees
3. Wallets (cool ones, with graphic designs or authentic leather wallets).
2. Personalized champagne and truffles or a bar set (if he likes to drink or celebrate)
1. Intimate Bedroom Gifts.

Other than these you can always write letters, give a card, buy her a dress, buy him a tie, go for a theatre show or an exhibition, arrange a house party, cook dinner, go out on a long drive, deliver a huge teddy bear and flowers to her place early in the morning and baffle her altogether.

Accordingly, the order varies from one person to another. But these are some of the best gift ideas (Valentines Day Gift to India).

So, now you can make a mental note of things you need to surf or you have decided to purchase readily. Valentines Day Gift to India has been easier with the advent of online stores. Now online shopping sprees are way more exciting than visiting a particular mall or shop and checking out their products. They even provide gift coupons and exciting sales and you can buy their products without even giving a second thought.

So, even if you think that you are totally unprepared and might do a blunder on the coming Valentines Day then dont underestimate yourself. Go, decide to charm your valentine and make him/her go all fall in love with you once again. Cheers.

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