Holi Festival Celebration in India-Bura Na Mano Holi Hai

Bura na mano Holi hai ..” is the phrase we listen on the streets of India especially in the north India where people celebrate and play holi : the festival of colours with a lot of enthusiasm , joy and happiness. The festival falls in February end or early March and on the last full moon day of Falgun season of the Hindu calender.  Holi is  celebrated with a Holika Bonfire a night before Holi is played with colours with loud music and drum sounds to celebrate the festival .

It is believed that Hirnakashyap who was the king in Ancient India who started considering himself as God and asked people to worship him. His son Prahlad who was the great devotee of lord Vishnu became the reason for ending the atrocities of his father and ending Hirnakashyaps life by Lord Vishnu himself. Hence the festival is associated with the triumph of good over bad from centuries before Christ .

Since Indians are all over the world and online market has even made the world smaller than before. A lot of vast range of holi gifts online are being sent to India and abroad like Gulal ( holi dry colours ) other herbal, organic  and scented colours in divers traditional and contemporary packaging to create  mood and environment  , holi sprays which are quick and easy way to play wet holi without much efforts  and water colours which are used to make colored water for playing wet holi  .

Assorted Gujia ( Holi Sweet) which could be fried or even baked for health conscious customers .Gujia’s could also be chosen by dry filled with dry fruits nd khoya or gujias coated with sugar syrup, sugar free or chocolate gujias and other sweets like ghewar , chandrakala,samosa gujia ladoo , kaju ki katli and many more considering the life of the sweets which can travel long distance  , Namkeen  (salted mixture of Indian mini snacks), papads nd chips, dry fruits like almond , cashew nuts and raisins etc. are also gifted with various flavors. Thandai( traditional Holi Drink) is considered as offerings to God .

Other gifts like chocolates of numerous kinds with nuts, dry fruits and shapes, cakes, Flowers like roses, calla lilies, chocolate cosmos, tulip, carnations, daffodils, orchids and many more create environment. Pooja items like thal , bell, kumkum box,diyas , arti stand , and idols of Indian gods like ganesha and mata laxmi are gifted on the occession.

Pichkaris( Water Guns) and even other personalized gifts like apparels like white kurta pajama day ) t-shirts , jewelery , combos nd even tailor made combos are available for males ,females and kids.

Since Holi is one of the biggest festivals in India , people do a lot of shopping , wear new cloths and pray hence many online websites are the auxiliary in self buying and sending gifts to India  for the festival  . Just sit back and logon to the websites which serves you with inexpensive & affordable gifts and wonderful combos on a click .Website like,, and are the ways to send your love across the world.
 Happy Holi!!

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