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Posted on 2014-08-22

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 Surprise your special someone with roses and chocolates,or roses with toys and what about roses with cakes perhaps? The choices are just endless. The good thing about this site is that you would have a variety of flowers shown to you in live colour. You can have a wide choice from tulips to roses to even orchid plants. Now why would you buy from online flower shops? Would it be better if you would buy them from your nearest flower shop instead? The beauty of shopping online is that you can easily compare things online as well. You don’t even need to get out from the comfort of your home just to make that purchase.

 Wedding Flowers Ideas – Alternative Ideas For Your Wedding Anniversary

Fresh flowers are a very traditional part of any wedding, they can be insanely expensive. The cost of wedding flowers can rocket especially if you order exotic varieties or out of season blooms which need to be imported. A good florist will be able to give you wedding flowers ideas which are within budget, but it may actually be better to consider the alternatives to fresh flowers.

 Fresh flowers do look amazing but keeping them that way for an entire day can be tricky, especially with some varieties which wilt the moment you look at them! Another issue brides face is what to do with all their flowers after the wedding day. Even if they give some away as wedding gifts, they could still be left with a big number of floral arrangements!

 Therefore it could be useful to consider ideas which use artificial flowers instead of fresh ones and which in turn will give you everlasting arrangements which could be easily recycled for another occasion is you wished.

 Artificial flowers come in a wide range of styles and varieties. Silk or fabric flowers are the most common and can be found in many of the different flower varieties of their fresh counterparts. Paper flowers include very realistic styles through to more whimsical styles and handmade versions. Paper flowers are in fact very easy to create yourself and could be a cost effective solution to your flower needs if you’re on a tight budget. You can also find flowers made from wood and even plastic.

 Be careful with artificial flowers though. Over the last decade or so artificial flowers and foliage have become very realistic and the quality has improved considerably. Often people have to look twice to determine if a plant or flower is real or fake! But with this increase in quality comes an increase in price and in some cases the fake versions can cost more than the real thing!

 Flower Facts:

Rose: (Rosa, Sweetheart Rose, Hybrid Tea Rose) Many rose varieties produce a sweet fragrance. Rose perfumes are made by steam distilling crushed rose petals which produces essential oils. The most popular and well known cut flower. Used in floral arrangements, wedding and corsage work by florists. Red roses are the most sought after flower for a Valentine’s Day gift. (Tulipa pulchella, none) The tulip, a symbol of life, love and immortality, actually dates back to the time of Confucius. Tulips are phototropic and with turn towards the light. Tulips can grow up to and inch a day after being cut.

 Sunflower: (Helianthus annuus, none) Sunflowers are helitropic meaning they are known for the behavior of turning themselves towards the sun. On sunny days the sunflower in the bud stage will track the sun from east to west, returning to the east at nightfall or at dawn, where the sun rises each morning. The sunflower is able to do so because of a flexible segment of the stem just below the bud. This segment will stiffen at the end of the bud stage and the flower will freeze in the direction of the East.

 Orchid: The orchid is the largest family in the plant kingdom with nearly 25,000 known varieties. The world’s largest orchid can grow up to 20 m long.

 Daffodil: (Narcissus, Jonquil, Narcissus) National flower of Wales. Flowers are fragrant. Some species have frilly petals. Many poets such as Oscar Wilde and William Wordsworth have written about this flower. It is said that Prince Charles receives one Daffodil annually as payment for the unused land in Sicily.

 How To Make Your Flowers Fresh Last Longer: Never place your floral arrangements in full sun or over a radiator. This will cause excess water loss from the flowers, and they will wilt very quickly. For a maximum life span the best place for your flowers is in a cool room. Always use clean vases or containers. This will prevent any bacteria from ruining the quality of the flowers. Remove all of the leaves which will be under the water while in the vase. Leaves that are submerged will rot, thus creating bacteria and shortening the life span of your flowers. Once or twice a day lightly spray your finished arrangement with clear water to create a humid atmosphere around the flowers.

 Use a container that is in proportion to the amount of flowers you have. Too small of a container for the flowers will not hold enough water, and they may dry out before you realize it. Love flowers? Find Flowers, what your favorite says about you.

 Tulip: You thrive on change. You are always dreaming up some way to improve yours and your family’s lives.

 Lily: You are a nurturing person. In fact, people are drawn to you. A few words from you can make people feel worlds better. It’s no wonder many say you would be a great therapist

 Rose: You are the kind of woman that will bring the Prince Charming out in a man. You are also the kind of friend who gets called first with news-big or small..

 Buy Fresh Flowers Through Your Mobile Phone: With the growing number of smart phones available, growth in internet traffic through mobile phones has increased 35.3% from June 2011 to December 2011 as reported by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. The ABS also reports that of 11 million mobile handsets, 2.2 million or 20%, were dedicated data subscriptions. The remaining 8.8 million handsets were standard mobile subscriptions. With more and more people using their mobile phone to connect to the internet, florist shops and other internet based ecommerce web sites are offering their customers a better shopping experience with mobile web sites optimised for mobile devices such as iPhones, iPods, iPads running iOS, Android based devices, tablets and all major manufacturers of mobile phones. Phoolwala is the latest online florist to offer mobile phone users a dedicated site optimised for phones. Mobile phone users can easily buy flowers by visiting.

 Choosing Flowers For An Occasion:  Choosing which flowers to send is made easy with flower arrangements and floral bouquets listed in pre-defined categories such as “Birthday Flowers”, “Thankyou”. If you are unsure what flowers to send, look through the general purpose categories such as “Recommended Products”. Flowers are mostly sent to cheer someone up, to surprise them, to thank them or congratulate them – happy occasions, so select bright flowers with plenty of colour. Even “Get Well Soon” can be cheerful and full of colour. Also take into account the occasion and the recipients likes, dislikes, preferences and personality. For example, if sending flowers to a love interest, roses are a traditional romantic flower. If you know your lovers favourites colour, such as pink, select pink roses. If your relationship is hot and passionate, hot pink, deep purple or red roses may be the order of the day. If the recipient likes to display flowers in a vase, select a bouquet of flowers. If sending flowers to a workplace, an arrangement may be more convenient, as an arrangement usually contains its own water supply. When sending flowers for “New Born”, 5 white lily’s 5 Red Roses for a baby boy is traditional in most cultures. is a specific and specialised in their arrangement by tradition.

 Flowers To Say Thank You: When selecting an arrangement or bouquet of flowers to say “Thank You” consider the recipients favourite flowers and colours. If you are unsure, select flowers that are bright and colourful – you can’t go wrong with cheerful flowers. Flowers make a great way to say thank you. As a “Thank You” gift, flowers are easy to send, can be delivered almost anywhere worldwide and can include a brief message on a card.

 Best Five Roses That Shows Someone You Quite Management: Climbed blossoms have a timeless polish that communicates affection and forethought. The fragrant blossoms are a top pick for generally any sort of event. They are regularly the most prominent choice for sentimental bunches. There are a significant number of decisions when it approaches utilizing a rose to indicate affection. These incorporate small scale cross breeds and some strength colored sprouts. Selecting the aforementioned can make a memorable comment of affection and minding. The proposed could be given as a cut stems, or as a feature of a flower game plan. For a natural undertake conventional stem mixed bags, potted alternatives exist. This can give longer enduring blossoms that show adoration each day.

 Red Instinct Is A Remarkable Looking Rose Blossoms: The Red Instinct is a remarkable looking rose that symbolizes feeling. The thick petals offer a speckled paint design that stands out. The edges are soft, and have a ladylike appeal that looks sumptuous. This sort of blossom might be utilized for indicating mates they are administered to. The amusement and atypical presence can likewise be utilized for a vacation endowment. It could moreover be utilized for additional easy mates or business copartners.

 Red One of a kind Roses Blossoms Award Towering Petal Number: Red Interesting is regularly utilized as a result of its quite shining petal manifestation. This vivid red is brand new and little looking, and stands out effectively. The proposed are well known for weddings and for centerpieces for cherished ones. The petal number is towering contrasted with different mixtures, which open broad. This produces a more full blossom that carries towering aroma and investment. Once totally opened, a bunch looks rich and rich on any table.

 Dark Enchanting Rose Blossoms Are An Image For Deeper Adoration: This blossom is one of the deepest reds ready for a bunch. Profound reds are utilized to indicate solid emotions of passion to others. The aforementioned are regularly given for Valentine’s Day or at winter vacations. The petals are velvety, and feel rich contrasted with alternate mixtures. Once opened, the blossom gives off an impression of being more extraordinarily star shaped. This makes it an esteemed choice for demonstrating correct emotions in blossoms.

 Eternity Adolescent Roses Are A Standard Botanical Alternative: Offering accepted sprout shape, the Eternity Little is a staple. It is a regularly found blossom that numerous decide on for its value. It is most regularly perceived for any event that incorporates sentimental blossoms. The aforementioned are frequently given as a handful of, or portions around then in bundles. They would moreover be jumbled with different enhancing blossom sprays and greens. This frequently upgrades the indigenous marvelousness of the rich red flower petals. Potted Smaller than normal Roses Accord An Extraordinary Explanation. Smaller than normal roses frequently come as a potted plant for a bizarre endowment. The proposed minor blossoms are a thoughtful and beguiling gameplan to demonstrate fondness. The numerous rose blossoms award weeks to months of every day fondness emos.

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