Our daughter left us simply speechless; do you know what she did in Party?

Posted on 2015-04-12

I am a proud mom of my loving daughter Khushi, who turned 16 the last month. My husband and I were planning for khushi’s birthday bash from last 2 months as we wanted it to be grand and one of her memorable birthdays. We booked a banquet hall close to our place with occupancy of some odd 50-60 people; we had invited our relatives, a few of Khushi’s friends and made some othSend Gifts to Indiaer essential arrangements.

Finally the day arrived and things were moving as planned as the time passed the party was on its full spirit, everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves, and Khushi looked really happy and excited spending time with her friends and then it was a time for Khushi to cut her birthday cake for which we requested our guests to gather around, as we placed a beautiful birthday cake on the table.

We asked Khushi to blow the candle and cut the cake, however to our surprise Khushi looked little reluctant and said “ Mom; can I have 2 minutes before I cut the cake?” my husband and I were surprised wondering what is on her mind. Within 2 minutes we saw Khushi’s friends walking towards the table with another box of cake which they placed next to Khushi’s cake. We were amazed to see what was happening at the same time we had no clue what our daughter is upto and why that another cake was placed.

Khushi smiled and said “ Mom -Dad, I am 16 years old now, so far I have celebrated most of my birthdays and each celebration made me feel special as I get lot of gifts and get to cut the cakes. And I consider myself lucky and blessed to have this wonderful feeling of joy; but there is lot of other children who did not even know how it feels to celebrate their special day, they do not get gifts and do not even cut cakes. I want them to feel the same and experience the joy of having lot of good wishes/gifts on their special day.” As Khushi stopped saying, we saw our maid’s daughter Arti walking towards the table, and that is when we realized that Khushi and Arti share their birthday. We saw her and her mother (as a helper) in all the Birthday parties thrown for Khushi so far.

Every Guest Said “We are Proud of you Khushi”, unique Birthday celebration and surprise to all.Khushi told us that she ordered a cake and few gifts online today and made it happen with the help of friends and home delivery services of a website. Our daughter left us simply speechless with that proud moment. Our approach towards life changes as we grow old; we only bother about us and our close ones. However a lot of times, we learn certain things from our kids, who are yet to be the part of this materialistic world, and are innocent enough to follow their heart and do things which please them and make them happy; but we as elders might consider this as wastage of time and money. However we tend to forget that these small things can give us an immense feeling of inner peace and make us content.

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