Five Ways to Keep Your Wife Happy

Posted on 2015-05-21

There is a saying – “Marriages are made in heaven”. Our destiny is pre written and we find our life partners accordingly. A marriage is a give and take and it takes consistent effort, dedication and understanding on both sides to keep a marriage strong and growing.

Send Flowers gifts to Wife-Keep her happy

Happy wife means a happy life. Every man desires to have a peaceful life and wife plays a very important role in maintaining the sanity and peace in the home. The woman of the house ensures that the family stays together in perfect harmony and in a loving environment.

Some people say understanding a woman is the most complicated thing in the world. But, there are some very simple and basic things which every husband can do to ensure that his wife always stays happy which in turn will result in a happy home and life.

1. Communication – Most of the misunderstanding is the result of lack of communication. To talk and to be heard is the basic human need. Communication plays a very critical role to keep any relationship healthy and happy. Make sure you communicate with your wife regularly. Share with her what’s happening in your workplace, how was your day, etc., and then listen to her. Suppressed feelings and emotions can be very harmful. She will feel loved and important if you talk to her.

2. Go out on holidays or short trips regularly – Life can be very stressful many times. We all get caught in the routine and work takes most of our time. Spending quality time together helps to keep the relationship strong and fresh. Make time in your busy schedule and go out for holidays say twice a year or take short weekend trips and bond with your wife. This will also give her a break from her routine chores at home.

3. Remember important days – Surprise her with a special birthday cake and a gift at midnight. Or plan a surprise party for your anniversary. These are the things which make a woman feel important and loved. Make an effort to remember birthday and anniversary.

4. Partner with her in raising children and household work – Both partners play an important role in making a marriage last long. The household chores are not only a woman’s job. Help her in small little ways where ever and whenever you can. Helping her in the kitchen, buying groceries for the house or going for shopping together will go a long way in keeping her happy. Also take an interest in children’s education. Find some time to spend with your kids and help them in their studies etc.

5. Support your wife’s dreams and aspirations – Every individual has dreams. Everyone wants to do something in life which gives them satisfaction and joy. You should know what your wife’s dreams are. After marriage also she would like to pursue them. Example – she might want to study further or learn music or work. Whatever it is always support and encourage her

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