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Lucknow Gifts, Cakes Flowers Delivery by Florist

  •  Bunch of roses
    Bunch of roses

        Rs 1,112.00 or ($ 17.00)
  • Carnation Basket
    Carnation Basket

        Rs 599.00 or ($ 9.00)
  • Yellow Surprise
    Yellow Surprise

        Rs 692.00 or ($ 10.00)
  • Orchids N Cake combo
    Orchids N Cake combo

        Rs 1,364.00 or ($ 21.00)
  • Orchids N Dry Fruits
    Orchids N Dry Fruits

        Rs 1,679.00 or ($ 25.00)
  • Celebration Flash
    Celebration Flash

        Rs 1,574.00 or ($ 24.00)
  • Celebration Combo
    Celebration Combo

        Rs 1,259.00 or ($ 19.00)
  •  Sunshine Smile
    Sunshine Smile

        Rs 1,259.00 or ($ 19.00)
  • Carnation n cake combo
    Carnation n cake combo

        Rs 1,259.00 or ($ 19.00)
  •  Rejoice Combo
    Rejoice Combo

        Rs 1,259.00 or ($ 19.00)
  •  Celebration carnival
    Celebration carnival

        Rs 1,259.00 or ($ 19.00)
  •  Real Enticer
    Real Enticer

        Rs 1,259.00 or ($ 19.00)
  •  Celebration Charm
    Celebration Charm

        Rs 1,364.00 or ($ 21.00)
  • Rose Temptation
    Rose Temptation

        Rs 1,259.00 or ($ 19.00)
  • Gerbera n Pineapple cake combo
    Gerbera n Pineapple cake combo

        Rs 1,259.00 or ($ 19.00)
  • Choco Heart
    Choco Heart

        Rs 1,469.00 or ($ 22.00)
  •  Choco Delight
    Choco Delight

        Rs 1,364.00 or ($ 21.00)
  • 1KG - Chocolate - Cake
    1KG - Chocolate - Cake

        Rs 1,364.00 or ($ 21.00)
  • Strawberry shower
    Strawberry shower

        Rs 1,364.00 or ($ 21.00)
  • Rose n cake combo
    Rose n cake combo

        Rs 1,364.00 or ($ 21.00)
  •  Mix Gerberas
    Mix Gerberas

        Rs 629.00 or ($ 10.00)
  • Love highlights
    Love highlights

        Rs 3,149.00 or ($ 48.00)
  •  Orchid Carnival
    Orchid Carnival

        Rs 1,154.00 or ($ 17.00)
  •  Mix rose collection
    Mix rose collection

        Rs 629.00 or ($ 10.00)
  • Red & white Carnation Bunch
    Red & white Carnation Bunch

        Rs 629.00 or ($ 10.00)
  • Roses n Chocolates
    Roses n Chocolates

        Rs 902.00 or ($ 14.00)
  •  Delightful Day
    Delightful Day

        Rs 1,154.00 or ($ 17.00)
  • Wish ur Mom and Dad
    Wish ur Mom and Dad

        Rs 1,994.00 or ($ 30.00)
  •  Happy rose basket
    Happy rose basket

        Rs 1,049.00 or ($ 16.00)
  • Bunch of red roses
    Bunch of red roses

        Rs 629.00 or ($ 10.00)
  • Bunch of pink roses
    Bunch of pink roses

        Rs 629.00 or ($ 10.00)
  •  Gerbera Glory
    Gerbera Glory

        Rs 1,007.00 or ($ 15.00)
  • Chocolate cuddle
    Chocolate cuddle

        Rs 1,007.00 or ($ 15.00)
  • Red carnation basket
    Red carnation basket

        Rs 902.00 or ($ 14.00)
  • Red roses with chocolate combo
    Red roses with chocolate combo

        Rs 734.00 or ($ 11.00)
  • Bunch of yellow roses
    Bunch of yellow roses

        Rs 629.00 or ($ 10.00)
  • Garden of love
    Garden of love

        Rs 1,154.00 or ($ 17.00)
  • Surprise Shot
    Surprise Shot

        Rs 1,994.00 or ($ 30.00)
  • My Sweet Heart
    My Sweet Heart

        Rs 4,829.00 or ($ 73.00)
  • Roses with cadbury
    Roses with cadbury

        Rs 1,679.00 or ($ 25.00)

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Gifting is an excellent way to bond with the people one loves and to convey the deep down feelings coming straight from the heart. One can send gifts for the loved ones on many occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, wedding, festivals, or just to convey the message that they are cared for. The people who are living away from their loved ones often miss them on the special occasions if the life; but they can send their wishes to them through the online gifting idea. With the services of available, sending online flowers, gifts to Lucknow; it has become simple and quick.

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Lucknow is the capital of Uttar Pradesh. It has always been known as a multicultural city and artistic hub of north India. Even today it is regarded as an important center of education, commerce, administration, aerospace, design, finance, culture, technology, pharmaceuticals, tourism, poetry and music. The city is situated about 123 meters (404 ft) above sea level. The area of the city is 2,528 square kilometers (976 sq m).

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Send Flowers Gifts to Lucknow Online by Florist


Lucknow is the capital city of the state of Uttar Pradesh in India.Lucknow is the location of many social and cultural institutions of national significance, such as the Kathak, Khayal, Nawabs and Classical music. It is the birthplace of British pop star Cliff Richard, the great Indian musician Naushad Ali, Indian playback singer Talat Mahmood, American entrepreneur Manoj Bhargava, founder of the Hindi Theatre Movement and founder-director of Bhartendu Academy of Dramatic Arts Raj Bisaria, film-maker Muzaffar Ali and the resident city of Subrata Roy who is the founder and chairman of the Sahara India Pariwar. is offering best flowers arrangements, bouquets, baskets with sweets, chocolates to Send Gifts to Lucknow. Share Your Feeling and Love by Sending beautiful gifts and flowers through Lucknow Florist. Just Check Out our gifts items and Book Your Orders Now.

Lucknow local florists are located in following areas to Send flowers to lucknow  and flowers cakes delivery in Lucknow  and in  Rajendra Nagar, Tilak Nagar, Old Labour Colony, Aishbagh, Moti Nagar, Charbagh, Lalkuan, Lalbagh, Ganesh Ganj, Kaisarbagh, Hazratganj, Civillines, Butler Colony, Balmikinagar, Purana Hyderabad , Naya Hyderabad, Iradat Nagar, Daliganj, Madehgunj, Kutubpur, Hasanganj, Babuganj, Mahannagar, Sarvodya Nagar, Nirala Nagar, Vivekanandpuri, Badshahnagar, Indira Colony, Aliganj, Vikas Nagar all sector, Vishnupuri, Khurram Nagar, The Mall Avenue, Sadar Bazaar, Gulshan Colony, Ananad Nagar, Naka Hindola, Wazirganj, Khajuha, Machchhi Bhawan, Shah Najaf Imam Bada, Dugawan, Gulab Vatika, Chandralok, Husainabad, Yahiyaganj, Shah Mina Road, Globe Park, Dilkhusha Garden, Maulviganj and all over Lucknow.



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