The Medicinal Values of Those Lovely Fragrant Flowers

Posted on 2018-04-28


There are so many plants that have medicinal values like- Tulsi and Neem, here are 12 species of flowers and their medicinal uses:
1.    Angelica Herb
This beautiful flower is used as garnishing the delicious cakes and is loaded with stimulants to cure cough and cold and digestive troubles. It is a fragrant flower providing relief to sick people.

2.    Blood Root
As the name itself relates to blood so this flower works wonders in blood cleansing related issues such as skin treatments. Its milky white extract cures the problem of warts and rashes. This is also superbly effective in respiratory system problems.

3.    Butterfly Weed
The medicinal properties of Butterfly weed making it a cure to respiratory troubles and also being antiseptic in nature, this flower has found its way to kitchen. As it is pain reliever and clears internal and external wounds and relieves swelling.

4.    California Poppy
Insomnia and anxiety are the topmost diseases that need immediate cure, in such cases putting a person in habit of sleeping pill is not right when the nature has provided 100% opium free remedy in the miraculous Californian Poppy. Its usage helps cure chronic depression, fatigue and also treats children’s bedwetting problem.

5.    Carnation
A steaming brew from the petals of carnation flower helps relieve stress and agitation that a person might be having. It also heals swelling in any part of the body.

6.    Corn Flower
It is very safe to be consumed as a laxative supplement and mouth cleanser. A paste made of corn flower reduces eye irritation and cures acne.

7.    Jasmine
Famous for its unique fragrance this flowers helps in curing digestive system and ulcers. Its herbal tea relieves anxiety and cure insomnia.

8.    Honeysuckle
This flower can be used in its raw state to gargle and get relief from sore throat. The paste made from Honeysuckle takes care of skin problems and inflammation.

9.    Lotus
Cholera, Diarrhea and Fever are the diseases that can get naturally cured with help of the divine lotus flower.

10.    Plum Flowers
For removing ulcers and parasites from body plum flower is very effective.

11.    Rose
 It contains vitamin C, rose flower makes is good for skin and beauty, it also works well as a laxative for cleansing our system.

12.    Sunflower
Helps relieve women of their menstrual spasm and treats ulcers, it also takes care of dry throat with constant gargling.

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