She was my savior as a mom is to a child in the womb

Posted on 2015-04-17

She was my savior as a mom is to a child in the womb

I remember the first day after my wedding when my mother in law asked me to prepare Halwa for the guest who stayed back after the wedding. I had always loved Halwa, but never cooked it myself; I quickly went to YouTube on my mobile in the washroom to come prepared when I stand in the kitchen. But to my luck!! Ahhh… my phone did not have the Internet network, which made me sad and I started feeling low. While I was still trying to come out of the panic in my mind, here comes the call from the kitchen to send the newlywed bride for an over expected dessert. An alarming situation, as I could not be putting my parents down

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After contemplating the situation I was into, I reflected that my husband could be my confidant and will help me out of this anxiety. However he was out in the verandah attending other male guest and I was surrounded with the ladies around me with the hope that I will produce something amazing as my mom participated in one of the cookery shows on the television and is fond of multi cuisine cooking tricks as well. Now all I could do was to pray and ask only God to help me, give me an Idea or do some miracle that the situation changes itself or the entire scene I was observing could have been mere a dream and nothing else. I wondered and pondered but received nothing except nervousness and confidence killing other apprehensions.

Suddenly, like a looser I got an outline as to how I will be tackling my state of affair. Of course a looser can think nothing else rather than to accept that he lost. I decided to commit this confession in front of the crowd as there was no one in there whom I could ask and tell my plight. Every moment I was creating a movie in my mind of the response , action and reaction of the relatives , my mom in law father in law , my sis in law and most important my husband . I thought maybe this is a bad Omen that I could not make ‘Halwa’ and that might affect my relationship with them which means lot to me as I was entering and trying to build the place in the house . Looking at the glimpse to crises over my face my father in law asked me if I was Alright.. I responded of course!! I am alright in between all such sweet people which were not the piece of fact I was facing. send mothers day gifts to India

Later when my Mom in law came to me and asked me with her Eyes in my Eyes if I know how to prepare Halwa and abruptly tears rolled down my cheeks ,my face became red and my face went down in shame . I was so ashamed to say ‘No’. And there was a moment ….!!! She said even she did not know when she entered this house but her mom in law who is my super mom in law who died last year helped her in making Halwa ( Sweets) and she said .. “I am planned and all set to help you sweetheart…”

I could not control myself and hugged her saying ‘mom.’ I am sure I will never miss my mother till she is with me. She was my savior as a mom is to a child in the womb.. Thank you god and Love you mom.. !!. Phoolwala offers Gifts to India

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