Send Flowers to Parents with our remote location delivery

Posted on 2015-09-25

Do you stay away from your parents? Now You can Send Flowers to Parents with our remote location delivery service for flowers in India and make them happy. Work and professional commitments often take us away from home. Parents live in the home town while you have to shift to different job locations. There is no denying how much you miss each other.

While there is nothing that can bridge the geographical distance in the filial bond, there is something else that you can do from time to time. You can wish them on special days or even without any reason whatsoever. It makes them feel that you miss them as much.

This is not to suggest that if you do not tell it to them from time to time, they will not get the message! Parents always know how indispensible they are to your life. At the same time, when you convey your regards and feelings for them, you will be filled with sense of goodwill, too. If you have that warm candle in your heart, there is a way to make it glow brighter! is where you should go to send over some flowers to your parents who reside in another part of the country, or even globe. This is a web portal with a variety of flowers and gift items on the shelves. The idea is pretty simple. You go through the catalogue. You select flower bouquets you like. You place an order for them to be delivered.

It is convenient, easy and quick. You can place your order while traveling to work or simply while taking a break from work. Other than flowers, you will get an assortment of online gift items that you can attach with your flowers. The best part is that these items will reach in a 24-hour cycle. That is the delivery assurance from In fact, if your parents, especially your mom, are fond of chocolates, you can order them over as well!

Our delivery mechanism is very robust. Your order will reach its destination without any hiccups or mix-ups.

In a day and time where we are moving along so fast in our lives, it is important to hold a step and do something for those who have elevated us to where we are today. Your parents deserve all the attention that you can shower on them.

Start now by ordering some online flowers from You will not regret the delight in their voice when they call you to appreciate what you have done!

This blog is written by Phoolwala, a leading online florist in India with more than 10 years of experience of delivering birthday gifts, birthday flowers, anniversary and marriage gifts etc to various cities in India like Kolkata, Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, Chennai etc. and to remote locations also.

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