When is Rakhi date- Rakhi will be observed on 30/08/2023, Wednesday in India

Posted on 2023-08-29

 When is Rakhi date? Rakhi will be observed on 30/08/2023, Wednesday in India

Rakhi the bonding of pure love

Grew up together, got a lot of love in childhood, increase the love of brother and sister, Rakhi festival has come. The festival of Rakhi strengthens the relationship between brothers and sisters, it is not necessary that only brothers and sisters of blood relations celebrate this festival, many people religiously consider each other as brothers and sisters and celebrate this festival with great enthusiasm.
The relation of brother and sister is very special, childhood fights are very much missed, playing with each other, fighting to save each other from the scolding of parents, they fight and kill each other, but if a third person says something, then his condition is also bad. do it, All these things also tell about sisters relationship, today when I grow up, I remember all those things, the relationship between brother and sister starts with mutual play and goes on to share the problems with each other, from the days of childhood. Memories cannot be complete without remembering the mutual jokes of sisters.

The history of Rakhi Festival

History also proves that when the army of Rani Karnavati was getting weak in front of Bahadur Shah Zafar, then the queen sent a message to King Humayun, and even after having faith in other religion, he respected the relation of Rakhi and protected Rani Karnavati.

How sister makes rakhi preparations to tie Rakhi to brother

On the day of Rakhi, the sister wakes up early in the morning, and decorates the plate for Rakhi, she decorates that plate with full enthusiasm and. While tying Raksha Sutra on brothers wrist, sister decorates all her love and feelings on her brothers wrist through Raksha Sutra and that Raksha Sutra adds to the beauty of brothers wrist.

The value of Rakhi thread

Raksha Sutra is not just a thread in appearance, but when it is tied on the wrist of the brother by the sister, then the thread becomes even more precious. In today’s modern age, politicians celebrate Rakshabandhan socially for the purpose of increasing brotherhood, and also for the purpose of increasing the importance of nature, the practice of tying rakhi to trees is also very big.Rakhi is a solid thread made of raw thread. Rakhi is a competition of love and sweet, Rakhi is the prayer for brothers long life, Rakhi is the holy smoke of sisters love.

The gifting tradition on Rakshabandhan from brother to sister

There is a tradition that brother gives something as gift to his sister after Rakhi tied up. Brother tries to fulfil every wish of sister. Now a days, the trend of different types of chocolate is also big, which is being given by brother to sister. There are many online rakhi gifts delivery service in India available. Flowers are one of the best gift option for sister to send on rakhi. If brother and sisters are away from each other due to job, marriage or any work, they can send their wishes with flowers. sister can send Rakhi with flowers and personal message card to her brother. Brother can also send rakhi with flowers sweets, chcolates, cakes as rakhi gifts for sister in return. Phoolwala is one of the well-known website to order Rakhi gifts online in India. You may choose and order and send Rakhi gifts to India.

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