Love is a Condition of Different Feelings, States & Attitudes

Posted on 2015-03-27

“Love can touch us one time

and last for a lifetime

and never let go till we’re gone.”- Titanic (title song lyrics)-1997

Love is a condition of different feelings, states & attitudes, an emotion of a strong attraction and interpersonal affection. Sometimes, it’s hard to find words to tell you how much someone means to you. A lot of times, you don’t say anything at all. But you hope someday, they will understand that having them is what you live for. Once you land into this ocean of love you find beautiful gems, pearls, sand and other beautiful positive frames within yourself. To be in love is to undergo a self Assessment class simultaneously feeling the bliss and the beauty of self & the world.

The delight state when we are in love before we could express the felicity increase the heart beat which affects the nerve with the butterflies in the stomach whenever we see our desire; the person you are in love with, the states long to be released and from the heart and come to our lips to express the passionate affection and trying our fortune.

The feeling of warm personal attachment needs special words when spoken and all the more intense expression when no words are spoken. From ages people have used gestures and gifts to express love without words which means and have more intensity of expression .We can use the following gestures to express love : give quality time , words of affirmation , physical touch , give gifts , expand your expression of love or whatever pleases them.

Flowers are the most common and widely used instrument which carry the emotions from the birth till the end, To wish luck, to express love, to worship and many more occasions are decorated with the vibrant colors and divine fragrance of flowers which invokes the emotions and silently conveys it further .Different type of flowers have different symbolic meaning in Western Culture. This customary performance of symbolizing and assigning meaning to flowers is known as floriography.Like we send roses as a symbol of love, beauty, and passion, lilies represent devotion, prosperity, and success, Hydrangeas are a beautiful way to express appreciation, A gift of daffodils is said to ensure happiness – good for a newborn! , Carnations are the iconic flower of Mother’s Day and the November birth flower, sunflowers depicts warmth, adoration and loyalty and many more on the list. Author- Shikha

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