How To Take Cake Of Skin In Holi?

Posted on 2019-03-13

How To Take Cake Of Skin In Holi?

Holi is one of the most awaited festivals of India. It is the festival of colors which fills lots of joys and love in our relationships with family members, relatives and friends. Unfortunately when time comes to remove colors of our skin and hair after playing Holi then we all become amnnoyed. Despite that we never lose this opportunity to celebrate Holi playing with colors. We must keep few tips in our mind before playing with colors to protect our Skin and Hair.

1. You must apply Coconut Oil or Olive Oil before going outside to play with colors. It will protect your skin as colors will not stick deep onto your skin.

2. Always wash colors with cold water not with warm water because warm water or luke-warm water will make the colors to stick with your skin.

3. Don't use cosmetic scrubbers as they might make your skin rougher. But you can use mild ayurvedic scrubber to scrub your face like Aloe Vera.

4. Rubbing banana peel also helps you to get rid of the Holi colors.

5. You must use body moisturizer for few days after Holi as skin becomes dry after removing colors from skin.

6. Use any natural face pack next day to Holi. is capable to send fresh flowers, bouquet, chocolates, Gifts to India, gujiyas, sweets and colors anywhere in India to spread smile on the face of your relatives and friends at this Holi. Phoolwala is a leading online florist in Delhi.

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