How to Care of Flowers if Carrying in Car

Posted on 2019/03/14

Proper careful packaging of flowers is very important if you are planning to carry away it to any far destination in your own car. I am giving you idea how to keep your flowers fresh for a longer duration.

1. Flowers must be kept uncovered so that fresh air must reach its petals. More Air - More oxygen - more freshness.

2. Make sure your flowers most not be exposed directly to the Sun Light - they might wilt very quickly.

3. You must keep bunch of flowers in bucker with water. They will remain upright for longer term this way.

4. If you are travelling in a car with flowers then you must wrap it in a cardboard with some cardboard holes to allow the air to enter. This way you can easily carry your beautiful and colorful bunch of flowers (bouquet) to any destination of your choice keeping them fresh. provides online flowers delivery in Mumbai, Bengaluru, Pune, Delhi, Hyderabad, Gifts to India. Home delivery is done always with complete care of flowers and bouquets.

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