Do This To Send Cakes Anywhere In India

Posted on 2016-05-27

Wishing to send cakes on birthday or anniversary of your soul mates? If you still hold the idea that cakes are bought only at the local store, think again! Thanks to you can buy and send cakes online anywhere in India. Does it sound too good to be true? Let’s find out how you can make this impossible happen!

Our site has a section called Cakes to India Delivery. You will find a wide variety of cakes here. You can pick up Regular Express Cakes, even the eggless variety. For the more romantically inclined, there are heart-shaped cakes for your special someone. If you want to offer a box of cakes to someone in your office, say your boss, a pack of designer cakes is what you want. You can find all of them under one umbrella:

Online cake delivery in India by Phoolwala

If you feel at this point that buying cakes online is not just such a big idea anymore, wait till you hear about the delivery mechanism. Our online flower delivery system is among the best in the country, touching the remotest parts of the country. Our Cakes to India Delivery program makes use of this delivery chain to ensure that your ordered cake reaches its destination in mint-fresh condition. There is no point in delivering a cake in a smashed up state, right? We ensure that no such mishaps happen on your order.

Cakes are milestones of occasions. It is quite obvious, therefore, that the cakes you order must reach its destination on the date you want it to. It could be the birthday of someone or a special anniversary. A cake appearing a day late is such a party pooper! Our delivery guys make it possible for you to reach out your best wishes through the cake on the appointed day and date. No slip-ups! After all, we understand the effort you have put in to make this special gesture. How can we allow it to be spoiled?

Sending over cakes to anywhere in India is also the new way to congratulate someone you care about. The much abused personal messages through Facebook or WhatsApp is quite impersonal now. You need a more careful approach to convey your best wishes. Other than the cakes, you can avail our online flower delivery network to reach out with some beautiful flowers, along with cake. Despite being away, you can stamp your presence on any occasion if you tune up with

This blog is written by Phoolwala, a leading online florist in India with more than 10 years of experience of delivering birthday gifts, birthday flowers, corporate gifts to India etc to various cities in India like Kolkata, Delhi, Pune, Mumbai etc.

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